How to connect with your spirit guides?

We have a few spirit guides assisting us through our life journey, sometimes we refer to them as our guardian angel tho they are completely different, spirits have the ability to reincarnate while angels do not, they are a higher frequency.Connecting with your spirit guide can have amazing benefits and great impact in our lives, after all they are here to assist us.

One of my favorite ways to connect with spirit guides is through meditation.Take some time each day to meditate, when you are relaxed and find a calm space in your mind you can ask them to come forward, visit with them and ask their name and how are they able to help, spirit guides can come in the form of people or animals, they each have their own ability and expertise.

Make sure that when you come back from meditation that you journal their name, messages and abilities.

They can also come in dreams, I had Archangel Metatron come in through a dream, in the dream he revealed to me I should look for angel cards, that is how the story of my angel card reading began.If they come into a dream ask them what message do they have for you.

You may also get signs, out of the blue you get an idea (write it down) or a message that you must take action in regards to a particular situation, lyrics from a song that suddenly has a deep meaning and hidden message while you are listening to it or they may come with messages through visions, numbers, names or images that repeat throughout the day.

Stay focused and really pay attention, become good friends with your guides and ask them for assistance.

Money Manifestation Meditation

Manifesting for money can be very powerful and bring you excellent results by visualizing what you want, this is the key ingredient for this exercise to be SUCCESFUL!

Meditate 5-10 minutes a day and visualize about the abundance you want in your life

Once a day is great

Twice a day is awesome

Three times a day will be AMAZING

Here's a sample meditation you can do:

Close your eyes

Take 3 deep breaths

Focus on your third eye (between your eyebrows)

Imagine a purple light radiating from there, this will help you open your third eye.

As you get more comfortable and relaxed take 3 more deep breaths.

Now visualize yourself exactly how you want it to be (this is KEY)

Visualize your self wealthy (in the present tense)

See yourself having everything you want, if it's a new car, imagine yourself sitting on it, driving it, if it's more money, imagine yourself already receiving that money, think for instance if you work by yourself, imagine more clients coming to you, being busy, and getting money from all these clients,

If you work for someone else, picture yourself getting a raise, bonus, etc, make it applicable to your situation.

To intensify this manifestation

See the money in your currency, feel the money on your hands as if you already have it,

Focus on the smell of money and see your self happy for having money in your life.

This practice will help you remove any blockage you have with money.

It will help you get aligned with the universe and promote spiritual growth.

New Moon Ritual

Time to set intentions, goals and create visions.

Aligment happens beautifully at this time and the more we work with this magical energy the more aligned, positive and focused we become.

New moons is to start fresh and be positive.

Rituals for the new moon:

In a piece of paper write down what you want to work on or any other vision and dreams you have for yourself. Follow your own guidance here.

Read at loud several times and really connect with what you wrote, to set a better enviroment and obtain a better connection do this ritual by lighting up a candle or simply sitting outside during the moon light.

Remember to thank your guides and the universe, graititude is important.

You can do this practice with each new moon.

New Moon Prayer

I'm grateful for a new start.

I welcome transformation.

I cleanse and restore my energy and continue to connect fully with my true self.

The intentions I set today become my reality.